What others are saying about the AC

“I wanted to say that on my coaching course this week, there was spontaneous discussion during one of the breaks about various accrediting bodies, and without exception everyone agreed that the AC is superb and is the coaching organisation they would choose (and some have chosen) above all others. My experience of the AC both here and in Ireland resonates with that; it has been of a genuinely member-focused, coaching-development-focused philosophy, and that, true to its principles, the organisation serves the profession and the professionals without self-conscious bureaucracy  or rigid, elitist trappings”
Nancy Kline, Time to Think

  “I joined the Association for Coaching because developing and supporting professional standards in our business is important to me. I also hoped to meet a wide range of coaching practitioners and to keep abreast of new ideas and best practice. I have not been disappointed!”
Eleri Sampson, Sampson Rees Executive Coaching

  Our company has been involved in coaching for a number of years, and we were keen to align ourselves with an organisation that would develop standards, raise awareness of the profession, in its many forms, and ensure best practice. The Association for Coaching achieves this and provides the structure necessary to promote coaching services more widely as well as the opportunity to keep us up to date with developments at home and internationally. It also has the added benefit of creating a fraternity of professional coaches to work and associate with. We were delighted be included as a Founding Organisation for the AC as we believe it makes a real difference and enhances the credibility of coaching as a profession.”
Bill McDermott OBE, People Plus Solutions

  "The more I'm exposed to the AC, the more impressed I am. If the bywords for an outstanding coach are clarity, simplicity and reality, then they must also apply to the very best in professional associations. The AC is absolutely clear in its message for the industry; it provides a simple means of authenticating credentials and keeps the whole thing real by providing on going professional development for its members."
Martin Goodyer, The Life Coach

   "Although I was aware of various personal development methods, I wanted to build my knowledge and understanding of coaching. By joining the AC, I was encouraged to do just that. Within a few months I had researched the idea of co-coaching within the membership and I was soon organising and facilitating regular co-coaching forums. This allowed me to experience, first-hand a range of different coaching styles and I was able to compare and contrast these with my own approach. Soon after, other members expressed their interests in organising their own local groups and so I as able to support them in this.
Steve Talmage  

  I chose the AC due to the inspirational leadership displayed by Katherine Tulpa, Founding Chair of the AC, and her drive and determination to see professionalism, ethics and rigorous research form the profession. I see a growing association that truly represents the needs and aspirations of its growing membership.”
Samantha Collins, Aspire Companies

 “I joined the AC as a founding member and have been delighted by the integrity of the organisation and the value it is providing both to the coaching world and industry. The events are superbly organised and well attended, by both coaches and executives.
Carol Wilson, Performance Coach Training

  “I joined the Association for Coaching because I was impressed by their professional approach and their commitment to driving high standards for coaching in the UK, especially in the corporate market. I see the Association for Coaching quickly becoming a centre of excellence for the coaching industry.”
Gabrielle Goddard, Claravia

 “I was introduced to the Association of Coaching by an existing member and attended one of the London evening sessions. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the organszation and the quality of speakers and the structure of the evening. It was also wonderful to mix with like-minded people who had similar and different approaches. I enjoy new learning experiences. The sessions provided a wonderful opportunity to integrate and deepen my knowledge of new methods and techniques to assist my clients and me. I always look forward to the meetings and have made new friends”
Bryan Emden, The Emden Partnership

 “The AC provides a global bar, which can be continually raised, to ensure that that member coaches are always at the leading edge of human development. This will ultimately give industry the positive experiences and confidence it needs to leverage the potential of coaching to deliver extraordinary results”
Georgina Woudstra,Wisdom8

 “Being a member of the Association for Coaching has not only given me the opportunity to learn from some excellent speakers, which has helped me to build my practice, but it is has also been invaluable in feeling part of a professional coaching community. As a non-profit organisation the Association for Coaching’s role in raising the profile of coaching within the business world is a support which we as coaches dearly need”
Soraya Shaw, Springboard Coaching

 “I joined the Association for Coaching to continue developing my professional skills and have benefited from getting to know a wide range of coaches from a variety of backgrounds. I have found the workshops and co-coaching evenings of particular value and have recommended them to a number of friends. Katherine and her team are to be congratulated for all the work they have put in to develop the AC over the years”
Janet Woollett, Executive Bridge