What is Co-Coaching?

Co-Coaching gives us all the time and opportunity to practice coaching, to try new ways of coaching or to work on something that we might want to improve. We are in a safe environment where the coach receives feedback. The feedback can be targeted - for instance if a coach would like to receive specific feedback on one aspect of their coaching - then they can ask for this.  It provides an opportunity to reflect on your coaching style, and to experience and experiment with new coaching techniques.

Remember, it is a three way learning opportunity:

- Being coached by others

-Observing others being coached

-Coaching others on their coaching technique

You can discover an amazing range of coaching methods and styles that have developed to satisfy different needs and circumstances, and so benchmark your own practice.  

We also welcome non-members to attend some ‘taster’ sessions.

 We provide CPD Certificates for all attendees of the meetings

How are AC Co-Coaching forums run?

They regularly take place in various regional locations.

They are run by experienced facilitators who are coaches following excellence guidelines. These ensure maximum time is spent actually practicing coaching, and that new ideas and fresh techniques are continually investigated and explored.

What benefits do I gain from attending?

As the coaching industry moves towards regulation and accreditation, developing your coaching skills and new techniques becomes increasingly important. You will also gain:

- A CPD certificate for each forum you attend

- A network of like-minded people for sharing ideas and resources

- A superview of your coaching practice

It is becoming increasingly important to employers that coaches are supervised and this experience of a superview may encourage your next step towards getting your own supervision.

What forum participants say. 

Here are just a couple of comments from our members who have attended recent events:

"I highly recommend coaches, both new and experienced to come along and take advantage of the opportunity to coach and be coached and to discover an amazing range of coaching methods and styles. Co Coaching has been a great way to develop my own coaching skills and to add to my Continuous Professional Development."

 John Arthurs, Dancing Leopards  

My experience of the Co-Coaching Forum was extremely positive.  Right from the get-go.  The insights personally and professionally from being coached, coaching and observer were very useful to my present practice.  Concerns I had before attending the forum were mainly around 'performance anxiety' re coaching in front of peers and even on what I might present as my 'issue' to be coached on; all these 'fears' melted away in the trustful and safe hands of our coaching fraternity and peers."

Mary Foley, Mary Foley Coaching 

 "The most important reason for attending is to be able to practice my coaching in a safe environment and to get open and honest feedback. It is a space to try out new ways and methods of coaching and to try something you may not be sure of, to experience how it works. It also provides a great opportunity to see other coaches in action....I love being able to bring issues of my own to be able to work through them with other coaches. I always come away feeling very motivated. It's a great service." 

Nuala Doherty, True Potential Coaching 

"I feel a real balance of support and coaching experience from everyone during the Co-Coaching.  I leave feeling motivated, and driven to develop my coaching, also having picked up on what is current within the coaching environment.  A very positive experience overall"  

Shaun McMonagle 

"There aren't many places where coaches get the opportunity to see how others do it.  The forum is a great opportunity to learn different ways of doing things and also to have your own practice affirmed.  Like minded people, different approaches, different niches"

Cathy Mullan, NLP Coach and Trainer 

'...I felt warmly welcomed, included as an equal and a valued member of the group...' 

  '...a space to try out new ways and methods of coaching and to try something you may not be sure of, to experience how it works...' 

 "...sharing best practice research and integrating skills development together with time to reflect and plan.... a gift you can give to yourself..." 

Click on this link to find a Co-Coaching Forum near you.

If you cannot find a group in your area and you are a full member of the Association for Coaching you might be interested in starting one. You will receive help and support in doing so. If this sounds like something that might interest you and you would like to find out more then please contact one of our Lead Co-Coaching Facilitators.