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Derval Chambers Petit

Derval Chambers Petit
Tel:+33 (0) 6 22 88 01 52
Location:Paris, France, Dublin, Ireland and online (worldwide)
Profile:Having gone through the coaching experience and purposeful life changes myself, I know what it can be like for my clients and I bring this understanding and experience to my work as a Coach. In the Life Coaching that I do, it is about assisting people to make positive and lasting changes in their life (in all / any areas of their lives, both personally & professionally) so that they can live a better, happier and more fulfilling life. I encourage people to live their life on purpose & not by accident, to create their own path in life; to think about what really matters most to them and to move beyond fears and insecurities and societal conditioning and dare to do something different, something that deep down they know would make them happier. As a Coach, I support, encourage, listen, question and motivate. I am an objective & non-judgmental sounding board. I provide a safe creative environment for you to discover and explore. I walk with you during your change and I am your cheerleader on the sideline willing you on to the better things you want.
Services:General Life changes: Career change or improvement (including job interview preparation); finding purpose & meaning in life; making big life decisions (change of career, change of country etc); getting out of a rut -Expat Coaching- Adjusting & integrating into a new culture. I have worked with over 20 different nationalities. Here are some examples of the different reasons people come to me for coaching: • Career: Change of career; improve current job experience, interview preparation. • Feeling stuck or at a cross roads in life; feeling or knowing that something needs to change but not quite sure what or how to get started. • Knowing what changes are needed but looking for some guidance, structure, motivation and clarity to get started and to see it through. • Moving to or living in a foreign country and trying to find their feet and learn how to adjust and integrate in the new and unfamiliar environment. • Looking to make a big life decision and needing some objectivity and clarity • Looking for more structure and balance in day to day living
Categories: Personal Coaching, Other